It is Released!

Finally, I can breathe! The first issue of Speaking of Everything, Cocktails & Confetti, has been released! Whew!

Speaking of Everything's Cocktails & Confetti Cover

I'm so proud of this issue, maybe it's because it's the first one or maybe because it is start of something amazing. Inside this issue you will find witty articles written by brilliant up-and-comers and illustrations meant to beautify the world around. We hope you enjoy this issue and look forward to February's release.

As for 2014; happy new year! A little late. Between today and tomorrow I will be working on my new year's resolutions, or should I say lifestyle changes. According to last year, I planned to do three things:

  • Photograph everything (& be in some of them): I did begin taking more pictures. Thank you Instagram for allowing me to document my life as a digital story. I look forward to using you again for 2014.
  • Do 100% every time: I did. I graduated from college with a GPA I'm proud of; I obtained a killer internship where I busted my tail; I began to make a dream of working on a magazine a reality; I obtained a new job that starts very soon with the killer company I interned with; and I worked the hardest to continue to develop a wonderful relationship with my best friend and beau.
  • Set aside 10 minutes for myself every day: I can easily say I focused on myself a lot this year and hopefully not in a selfish sense.

I can happily say that I feel good about what I accomplished in 2013.I was able to spend the last hours with some of the best friends anyone could ask for, some from college and some from high school. We had a blast at Atlanta's biggest balloon drop in the Hyatt Regency. After the large cocktail/formal fun I think we all agreed to come back to that party next year.

NYE 20132014Now it's time to kick off 2014 the right way and get back to working on Speaking of Everything. Please, don't forget to go check out Cocktails and Confetti; make sure to 'like' the Facebook page and leave any feedback you have for our next issue. Happy Thursday!