so you think you want a dog // 8.20.15

we should have named Tucker, "Velcro". she is my little shadow and by my side every waking moment of the day. she provides the most unconditional love and wants to make sure i know it. she really is amazing; and did i mention she's far more work than i ever imagined having?

Tucker at 8 weeks. She was always watching me with those gorgeous blue eyes of hers. 

after leaving college i had puppy fever of the highest degree. they’re cuddle monsters, clumsy runners and big lovers and one would be a perfect addition to our little family. but if you’re like me, you had NO idea how much work they would require.

i’m not a dog virgin by any means; my family had a beautiful german shepherd that i adored. she was beautifully powerful and perfectly trained - a luxury i never realized until i started to train our Tucker.

i love Tuck to pieces and she might be a bundle of mess, but she’s my mess. but there are a couple of things i wish i had known before choosing a puppy. so if you’re thinking about adding a fluff to your family, here are a couple of things to know beforehand.

  1. you will never be alone again - sounds great right? yes, but that also means you will never be able to pee alone, eat alone or walk through a door without your shadow next to you.

  2. it’s like having a baby - i wish i was kidding here, but i’m not. basically anytime to say “i want a puppy” just replace the word “puppy” with “baby” and see if you’re still as excited. it might seem mean to compare the two, but they both eat, sleep and poop. they take up all your attention and want to be with you every second. they cannot take care of themselves and will grow up with every blink.

  3. invest in training - whether that means you spend the time to train your pup or pay for a professional, it’s truly worth the time, energy and money! your friend will hate coming over if your dog jumps, barks or climbs them; trust me.

  4. your after work life will deplete - you will feel guilty every time you go out somewhere after work. even if you’re going grocery shopping or partying with friends, those sad little eyes will make you rethink your choice. NOTE: this will also happen every day you leave for work. learn to master the art of not looking them in the eyes as you shut the door.

  5. you will use the baby voice with your dog - we all swear we won’t do it, but then you do, and it feels so right. it will happen to you too and your friends and family will judge you - accept it.

  6. you will magically bond with any other dog owner - no matter how strange, quiet or random a stranger may seem, as soon as you both realize your dog owners you will start swapping puppy-war stories like you’re lifelong buddies.

  7. they will become family - even though they are not humans, you will quickly learn you could not live one second without them.

but even with all the craziness that a dog might bring into your once chaos-less life, they also bring energy, fun and unconditional love. they will love you no matter the type of work you do, no matter where you live and no matter your habits. they think you’re the greatest thing on earth and will capture your heart in minutes. mine sure did.