torq cycle review

it's official - i have finally started kicking myself into gear and working on my fitness.

for the past couple of months i have been telling myself i need to work out. i would start on calendar challenge or watch a youtube session, but i never forced myself to stick with it. then i joined ClassPass and my world has changed for the better. no more excuses, no more skips, unless i want to be charged. 

not only am i thankful that this program truly makes me work out, i am also thankful because i found a studio that i am completely 100% passionate about - Torq Cycle on the westside of Atlanta. spin classes are fun. you sweat, work hard and feel the results, but my experience at Torq is different from many. 

i am a morning bird and i really only can work out in the mornings. after work i have no motivation and plenty of excuses why i can't, but in the morning, none of those exist. Jas and Tucker are still asleep, i have not lost all my energy by working at my desk all day, i don't have errands to run; i just have time to really push myself. with that being said, even though i am a morning person i do not want to walk into a studio at 5:45am with the lights on bright and the music blasting with insanely peppy staff - i want to go in somewhere an easy my way into the day. Torq does just that. 

when you walk into the studio before 6 am, the lights are low and the music is soft. i get a chance to really wake up and recognize that this workout is going to be great. the staff is truly wonderful! they're insanely helpful, kind without being fake and the best part, not overly peppy! that doesn't mean they don't smile and seem tired, because they aren't at all (or at least they don't show it); they are genuine. 

as for the actual workout - i couldn't ask for a better way to spend 45 minutes. no matter i this is the your first time or your 100th time, the session always feels new and exciting. when the lights go off and class starts, the music volume goes up and you get your money's worth. the intervals are always changing and the playlist keeps me motivated. my favorite part - its all about the workout. i have been to other places where the classes feel more about the theatrics with crazy lighting or ridiculous playlists or strange and awkward push ups against the handle bars... when i leave those classes i never feel like i have worked as hard as i do when i am focused on the ride at Torq. there are arm workouts in every session, but they're controlled and you use weights; not pipes, sand bags or again, those ridiculous push ups. the simplicity of it all allows you to concentrate to get the most out of your time. 

and the highlight after the hard ride - the cold, wet washcloth you get after class! that's the best reward. plus, the studio has showers for you to use afterwards with deodorant, hairspray and blow dryers provided. talk about awesome perks!  

i really can't say enough good things about this studio. if you were to meet me on the street and ask me where the best studio to join is, i will always say Torq Cycle. no matter if you're looking for the best spin classes, need motivation to get off your tush and workout or just want to try some place new, go to Torq - you're going to get addicted.