after an extra long week at work, Jas surprised me with flowers (2 kinds!) and a dinner date to Ecco. even though i was exhausted i was thrilled! better yet, he told me that the dinner date was for Sunday, so i could just veg Friday night. he really is the best.

if you didn't already know, i adore Ecco. the food and atmosphere are the perfect summertime date local. so i dressed to the nines (even threw on some heels) and we caught a Lyft to Ecco. Sunday on Memorial Day weekend was low key, making the patio our own private space. it was romantic. we ordered the fried goat cheese, 2 cocktails and talked about everything that had happened the week before. on Friday i had felt like we hadn't seen each other in forever so our date was just what was needed. 

the cocktails were delicious - i had Living Is Easy and he had Dreams And Train Smoke Vol.1. the pineapple-thyme simple syrup MADE that drink. i ordered 2 during dinner, which means it's worth the money. Jas's drink was smokey with rich flavor, exactly what he likes. 

and of course, the fried goat cheese was amazing, per usual. with the perfect amount of honey drizzle and black pepper flakes, the cheese was fried to the perfection. even while writing this, i can taste them. mmmmhmmmm....

and even though my head was saying no, we ordered pasta. i haven't had pasta in... well, let's just say a long while. it hit the spot! i ordered Mandilli and he ordered Pappardellei. i was drawn to the Mandilli by the appeal of balsamic anything inpasta, and the candied walnuts. and we ordered a side of asparagus to round our meal out. both were beautiful pastas, but i will say, Jas's pasta dish was superb. the pork was fantastic; tender and packed with flavor! now, don't get me wrong, mine was good, but his made you want to come back for bite after bite (his is the first photo). 

this is the smile of a happy guy!

and since it was a true date, we ordered dessert. after eating my pasta and a couple bites from Jas's plate, i didn't think i would be able to eat anything else. but Ecco's desserts are heavenly. 

we ended the night with 2 scoops of Olive Oil Ice Cream and a slice of Opera Cake. if you have not been to Ecco, you need to go for these two desserts. even if you're eating alone, you need to order both. they're incredible. the olive oil ice cream has bits of chocolate with only the subtlest flavor of olive oil. it's refreshing, light and unique. while the opera cake is rich and light at the same time. it's like magic when it hits your mouth... i almost want to Zifty some right now. 

if you need a new date night local, or if you haven't been in a while, we highly recommend Ecco. our service is always on point, the menu changes seasonally making the food even more appealing and i have enjoyed everything we have ordered. there is a great patio space, the inside is warm and romantic which makes Ecco an option for any season. when you go, be sure to order the fried goat cheese.

have you been before? i would love to hear your thoughts, leave them in the comment section below. until then, i have a Zifty waiting for my order. enjoy!