quick catchup // 6.7.16

last weekend involved some much needed rest and quality time spent with the hubby and pup. Friday night we puppy-sat a darling 4 month old Aussie pup named Max. he even has green eyes. isn't he darling? it was a struggle not to keep him.

on Saturday, we started it off with a trip to Crafted Westside to drop off some new inventory. have you seen some of the new faces in the store? if not, take a quick peek. you will find Honey the Poodle, Graham the Scottish Terrier, Charlie the English Springer Spaniel and a couple more. and i love how they're displayed in the store so i couldn't help but snap a couple pics. 

and without a doubt Jas found something in store that he wanted... this Awesome Sauce cayenne and cinnamon coffee is fantastic. it smells heavenly with a hint of spice in every sip. we are huge fans! 

when we came home, i painted. i can't show you what i am working on just yet, but i can show you how i prep for my customs. you can even see 2 completed designs that were printed for editing hanging there too. 

oh, and i added two new breeds to the shop, a jack russell terrier and a cavalier king charles spaniel! 

on Sunday, we thought it was going to rain the whole day so we stayed inside (turns out it didn't). this is how my two loves watch tv.

even though the weekend is gone already, i am off on Friday and trying to decide what to do my free day. if you have any suggestions for a fun Friday in the city, comment below. i am open to new adventures.