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i've always been the kind of girl who closes her eyes, quickly opens a cupboard door, throws whatever needs to go in and shuts the door as quickly as possible so the teetering stack doesn't topple out. does anyone else do this? no? everyone else is an adult and tries to arrange the contents of the cupboard...? well, this is awkward...

but i am in luck, Pinterest is making me want to grow up a little in 2017 with gorgeous, drool-worthy open shelving. and who knows, maybe all it ever would have taken is someone seeing the contents of my shelves for me to organize neatly. okay, that might be a stretch, but here are my absolute favorites.

image || image || image || image

image || image

are you a fan of open shelves - why or why not? comment below. and more of my kitchen favorites can be found on my // culinary board