custom pillowcase

the pillow of precious Bo captured his curious and loving personality. Lexi did a fabulous job using the colors we loved to mix with his natural colors. we purchased this unique pillow case as a wedding present for a family who adores their pet. i couldn’t have been happier with the art piece, customer service, and product.
— Veronica

Veronica found me through my Etsy shop and was looking for the perfect wedding gift for her friend. the bride is an incredible animal lover and has adopted multiple pups, but Bo has her heart. i was asked to create a custom design of Bo with blue hues. below is the process.

photo submitted by Veronica

photo submitted

the first thing i noticed about Bo were his large, soulful eyes; just look at them! and his steely grey coat is gorgeous.

proof of Bo

proof of Bo

the proof

i chose a teal, blue and grey color palette to hone in on his beautiful coat and present him in a more masculine manner. i maintained his steely eyes to capture his stare. 


the product

Bo's final design is one of my absolute favorites.