each piece has been worked and reworked, doodled, drawn and painted to become the final product. each year i aim to grow a little more into myself as an artist so this area of my website will always be growing.


pound puppy collection

what started as something for fun has grown into the heart and soul of my current shop; my pound puppy collection includes more than 30 breeds of dogs all looking for forever homes. you can search by breed name and if you don't see your pup breed listed, please fill out the breed request form. i am always adding more to the collection.

don't see your breed - add it to breed list and i will contact you when i have added it to the shop. 


the flock : a collection of birds

with my love of warm weather, paradise scenery and tropical temperatures, i developed a three piece set of tropical bird prints; a toucan, a cockatoo & a kingfisher. 

if you are looking for my canvas collection of toucans, click here


midtown atlanta skylines : the best view

i always say this is one of the most beautiful cities. the skylines exciting, the sunsets are dramatic and the people are incredible. inspired by my home city, these prints are very limited at the moment, but more designs will be coming soon. they're perfect for those who are georgia born or those who have just moved - welcome them in a little piece of art.


the den : a collection of bears

inspired by my alma mater, Mercer University, i have created a small collection of bear prints. but that doesn't mean they're only for mercer grads, chicago, i see you!

these bold bears are perfect for colligate students, graduates, sports fans or even bear enthusiasts. 


feline fancies : a collection of cats

fluffy kittens are my latest addition to the shop and are most likely here to stay. the collection is small now, but more colors and breeds will be added each month like the pups. stay tuned all your cat lovers.