aerial view abstract - 2/100

aerial view abstract - 2/100


the second one created in this vibrant series of abstracts with watercolor & mixed media based on views from above

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luxurious watercolors, layers of rich gauche and sprays of glittering metallic create these "aerial view" abstracts. inspired by the oceans, sands and waves; the jungles, forests and terrains; and the wild poppy fields. 

each one is unique, created once, then signed and numbered. these beautiful original pieces are very limited with only 100 available.

originals are always a risk to create. i see what i am hoping for in my head, but more often than not, they don't turn out anything like that in the end. and i love it! each one of my originals are completely their own. during the process, i lay out the water for the rough shape, lay the color and let the magic happen. 

"aerial view" abstracts are painted on 8x8" thick watercolor paper with mixed media. each order is shipped well packaged and protected.

artist retains all rights to reproduction and copyright.