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we're getting married and can't wait to share this day with you! come in your best party attire and enjoy a beautiful night in Atlanta.


Jason was born in Massachusetts, making him a die-hard {insert any Boston team here} fan, but grew up in Georgia, making him southern bred. He's working at The Home Depot, and before the jokes start, he's in the corporate office and not stocking shelves. He has a love of cigars, good bourbon and micro-brews. 


Lexi has grown up all over the southeast, but calls Atlanta home. She spends her days working as a Functional Analyst for an IT Cloud Computing  company and her nights balancing a small shop and pampering their pup, Tucker. Besides Jason and Tucker, she loves pineapples, delicious local eats and face masks!

Their Story

A mutual friend of their moms tried to have them met before heading to school; "It's always good to know someone before you start" she said,  but they both politely refused; who knew they would meet weeks later.

They met the first week at their alma mater, Mercer University and their friendship was instant. Their love of lacrosse and their mutual crazy friends kept them together. After long nights of spilling stories, days of going to extra-credit poetry readings and Saturdays at basketball games they were inseparable. They studied together, partied together and graduated together. 

After graduation, they both accepted jobs in Atlanta and found a small apartment in the heart of the city. They love exploring and finding the best eateries around town. 

They had been dating 4 years, when Jason decided to pop the question. He waited for the perfect time and found it while walking through the orchid garden at the Atlanta Botanical Gardens. When they reached the heart of the orchids, he hugged her, spun her around and pulled out the ring. He asked her to spend the rest of her life with him and she said yes. -3 points for not kneeling, but +1000 for picking out the perfect ring.

They have been enjoying their engagement and are looking forward to the adventures they're going to have together. 


Come to

Park Tavern 

500 10th Street NW 
Atlanta, Georgia

Stay At

Hotel Indigo in Vinings

2857 Paces Ferry Rd SE
Atlanta, Georgia

The hotel is 23 minutes from the venue, slightly outside of Midtown, but never fear you can get an inexpensive ride with Uber

When making reservations, please click here to get our discounted group rate or call 770.432.5555 and tell them you're with the Senic-Albert wedding. Based on the texts and responses we got, we blocked off just enough rooms, so please make sure to get your reservation early!


There are also other hotels in Midtown that are closer if you decide you want to stay in town.

Go To 

We have some great suggestions for where to eat, shop and drink around Atlanta.

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1. Maneezheh - Maid of Honor, High School Friend, Teacher + Dinosaur Lover

2. Bonnie - Bridesmaid, College Friend, Wifey + Spunky Go-Getter

3. Korin - Bridesmaid, College Friend, Copy Writer + Interior Design Genius 

4. Maria - Bridesmaid, Cousin, Sales Guru + Camo Lover

5. Danielle- Bridesmaid, College Friend, Engineer + Fast Kid Alive

6. Emily - Bridesmaid, High School Friend, Architect + Lacrosse Maven  


1. Taylor - Best Man, Oldest Friend, BioMed Student + Ice Salesman

2. Malcolm - Groomsman, Second Oldest Friend, Parachute Rigger + DJ Extraordinaire 

3. Ethan - Groomsman, College Friend, Accountant + Bourbon Connoisseur

4. Chris - Groomsman, Brother, Student + Basketball Lover

5. Michael - Groomsman, Brother, Chef + Stock Trading Junkie

6. Nik - Groomsman, Soon to be Brother-in-Law,  Aspiring Business Man + Professional Fisherman (see photo for proof)


We're so excited to share our day with you; just having you there is the best gift. While we have many of the basic needs, most of our current things are from college - we need help becoming grown ups. While working on this, we might have gone a little shopping happy haha, but we have a large range of items.  See how excited we were

We have selected stemware, cookware and barware from Williams-Sonoma; Unique stemware and misc serveware from Anthropologie; Home decor and furniture from West Elm; and Cheese tray goodies from Crate&Barrel. Click each one of the images below to be redirected to the corresponding registry. And you can search for either Jason or Lexi. :) 

Everything else miscellaneous (vacuum, garment bags, etc) can be found on simple registry.