nice to meet you!

my name is Lexi, i’m an atlanta-based enterprise CMS strategist by day and an artist by night.

if you had asked me where i thought i would be in a few years, i don't think i could have even dreamt of my life now. i divide my time between my technical career, my artistic drive to create, quiet time with my family.

between our australian shepherd, Tucker May, and our son, Rowan, we’re almost always moving which makes for exciting adventures. i tend to document our day-to-day and milestones on instagram to keep the memories and good times alive. be sure to follow along with our stories - @freeinthelines

i've lived all over the southeast, but call Atlanta home. between the restaurants and the skyline, i'm not sure how someone couldn't love this city. speaking of restaurants, my passion for food comes from my dad's chef career and since my family lives in California now, i'm constantly seeking delicious food. you can read about some of my favorites on yelp

our aussie, Tucker May is 5 years old and has the family wrapped around her paw. her favorite things are chewing her chuck-it balls like bubblegum, sneak under Rowans highchair for nibbles and cuddle in bed.

she has been the inspiration behind my collection of pound puppies, which consists of a variety of charismatic dogs.