#FoodTruckThursdayWhile I was away, living the dream of an intern, I fell in love with #FoodTruckThursdays. Every Thursday at noon, all the interns would take an adventure to 12th and Peachtree to divulge in every delight the food trucks could offer. It's almost magical. I love food. I don't even think love begins to describe just how much I enjoy something delicious to eat. And food trucks must have seen me coming. They knew just want to tantalize my taste buds with, coconut fried chicken, sesame french fries, and mexi-mac and cheese. If I could have eaten at the food trucks every day, I would have. Thankfully for my wallet, they only came close enough to my building once a week. They park in an empty lot in the rain or sunshine, write their menus, start their cookers. open their windows, and everyone flocks. The lot was always packed. It was a great place to watch for fashion. The heels, the skirts, the accessories... Atlanta women know how to dress. Every Thursday I would leave with a new make up tip or a different approach to mixing prints. That was another reason I justified making the trek 3 blocks down in the mobs for lunch. I couldn't pass up the opportunity to style watch.

After discovering this little slice of Atlanta heaven, I found a television show to continue my passion...The Great Food Truck Race. Before realizing the full beauty of food trucks I don't think I ever would have stopped to watch this, but now I am addicted. My boyfriend and I watch with great interest and commitment. Does anyone else have this deep obsession with food on wheels that I have? Tell me your favorite dish! - Ciao