Beachy Boho Luxe Inspiration

So, I told you I moved right? And that Hello Korin and I are working on managing my interior decorating with a tight budget with a whole lot of glam? Good! Just so you have a little background before I continue, I wouldn't trust my interior design to just anyone. Korin and I roomed together our senior year of college and I have adored her sense of style since day 1. Now, you've seen her posts, she has an amazing sense of taste and it's no surprise her interior design is just as killer. She has a way with mixing neutrals in fresh, fun ways and that's just what I need now that Jas and I share a space.

Note: Jas told me that everything could not be all flowery and pink... seriously? All I wanted to do was paint 1 door pink. Is that too much to ask?! Apparently... it is. 

When I talked to Korin, in my near-hyperventilative state, she asked me to describe my interior style. I was speechless for once. I was overwhelmed with costs and packing and trying to find the missing sock... Ididn't know if there was a word for it. Then I thought about all the things I like. Could they all be incorporated in one space? Of course they could! So I made my taste its own category - Beachy Boho Luxe. This means I love:

  • All things ocean related
  • Eclectic pieces
  • A combo between old and new
  • Lots of textures
  • Mostly neutrals with pops of color

Hence the inspiration image...


I gave her a budget of $1500 and that had to include everything from bathroom supplies to kitchen utensils to bedding. These were some of my must-have items:

After a number of sneak peaks (because I couldn't stand the anticipation) she presented me with these amazing mood boards she developed! Not only do her items work really well together, but the prices are unbelievable! The total cost was only a little more than my budget but I'm sure there are some additional corners I can cute. She really has an eye for this and I can't wait to see more interior decorating from her! So check it out and tell me what you think are must-haves!

1-Bedroom2-Living room3-Kitchen&bath4-Budget