Guest Blogger: Pinterest God's Gift to Men


Pinterest… I can practically see you cringe and give me dirty looks through your computer screen. I know what you’re thinking so let’s clear that up before you ask: yes I have a penis and no, I don’t have an account. Every, and I do mean every, man dislikes this place. And to be completely honest, I’m not entirely sure why. We just don’t. We just dislike it. We avoid it like the tampon aisle in the grocery store. That’s probably because it’s one of the most feminine creations in the history of man. It’s full of girly pictures and none of them are nudes. Up until about a year ago I was just like you. Basically Bubbly on Pinterest

Yes it’s girly. Yes it’s stupid. Yes we hate it. But Pinterest is also God’s gift to men. Don’t take this the wrong way; I am NOT advocating that you go sign up. If you did that I would be forced to maliciously destroy your man card and confiscate the tiny shred of dignity you had left.

What I mean is that every single female, whether in their 20s or 70s, has a Pinterest. I guarantee you every single woman you are interested in, or will have an interest in, has one. Pinterest is this magical place where women post pictures of everything they have ever liked or wanted…Everything. I shit you not; clothes, jewelry, favorite stores, decorations, dream vacation destinations, the puppy she wants, even the engagement ring she would die to have. It is an endless supply of ideas. Not just ideas, but the things that she actually likes. You never have an excuse for giving your girl a bad gift ever again. They’re practically handing us material on a silver platter.Pinterest FavesAnd the best part: you don’t need to sign up to see the things she posted. Google “Pinterest + ‘her name’” and I promise you it will be the first thing that pops up.

You’re welcome. - Jason

Jason Albert{all images via Pinterest}