welcome to free in the lines // 5.1.15

It's been a long, thoughtful transition away from Basically Bubbly these past couple of months. You might have noticed the less frequent blog posts and lack of new art pieces. It's because I've been putting my heart and soul into something new.  

Basically Bubbly was a young, random me still trying to find my way. I used it as a discovery tool to explore and develop my interests and I have finally reached the point where I know who I am and where I want to go.

For the past couple of months I took extra time to really assess where I want my brand to go. I realized I don’t want to be a blog with some art on the side or an artist with a blog on the side. I don't want to be fashion focused or only food driven. I want the freedom to explore all of my likes and dislikes; to create and pursue a lifestyle. So I have created free in the lines, a lifestyle that pushes us to thrive within our boundaries.


Throughout our lives are all faced with certain limits; a derivative of either time, money or responsibilities. free in the lines is about thriving within those challenges and tackling each one with the tenacity and determination to be stronger. This lifestyle is something that I haven't perfected and will be growing just as much as I am, but I'm positive it will be an amazing adventure.

With all of this being said, I also wanted to say thank you to everyone. Whether you have purchased one of my products, liked a social channel or read my blog you have encouraged me to dream bigger than I imagined when I first started. free in the lines wouldn't have been possible without your constant love and support.

Feel free to explore my new site, I truly hope you love it! Throughout the site you might see some changes that include more about me, a new structure to my store and a great new Spotted! about L. Windham’s Jewelry Designer Laurie on the blog! I cannot wait to continue this new phase of our adventure together.

With love -- lex