brunch at West Egg

my mouth starts to water every time i hear someone mention West Egg. the cute dinner on the westside of town is perfect for brunch, or breakfast any time of the day really. i love all the noise and the smells as soon as i walk in the door. i love that i can grab a coffee while i wait for a seat, and yes, you will always have to wait for a seat, especially if you go on the weekend. but trust me, it's worth the wait. 

a couple weekends ago Jas and i decided it would be awesome to no have to cook breakfast or clean up after. we wanted to brunch. i skimmed through some of my bucket list places and realized that he had never been to West Egg - and i knew, he was going to love it! so it was settled; to West Egg we went. 

at 10am on a Sunday i thought for sure we were going to miss some of the crowd. people had to be in church or recovering from a great saturday night. boy was i wrong, and Jas wasn't ready.

finding a spot in the deck might have been the easiest part of our trip, excluding shoveling delicious food into our mouths. Jas put our names in, the wait was going to be 45 minutes. okay, we can do that - 45 really isn't that bad. of course, my stomach was stating otherwise, but i was determined, Jas had to try this place. so we grabbed a coffee and walked around Westside Provisions District. too bad all the shops were closed, it would have at least been better if we could have gone into stores, but after about 50 minutes we were finally able to be seated.

NOTE: this was before the farmer's market started so if you go on a Sunday now you can meander the cutest farmers market while you wait

upon opening the menu, we began the most difficult part of our brunch decision - deciding what to order. the menu is packed everything anyone could ever want and from my experience, everything is AMAZING!

Jas and i decided on two of our favorite things - salmon and pulled pork. i ordered the salmon cakes benedict while he ordered the pulled pork benedict. there was no way we weren't going to share. even with the place being packed out, the food came out quickly. and just as quickly as the plates hit the table, the food was gone. 

we split our meal and shared a half with each other and i couldn't decide which i liked better. his pork had a beautiful smokey spice while my salmon was cooked to perfection with gorgeous melodies of capers and cream. and my grits... oh my goodness! fluffy. creamy. perfection. every bite had explosive flavor. 

now that's the face of someone who's in their happy place. 

their trendy ambience makes West Egg someplace people want to gather, bring friends, come alone and spend time. the lights aren't too bright and the space is flooded from natural light from the beautiful, large windows. the patio area is perfect in the fall or spring, but hella hot in the summer. what do you really expect though, it's Atlanta in the summer. there is a corn hole set on the lawn that's great to play while waiting or just hang out after you have finished. be warned though, food comas do affect even the best players. 

the service is casual and great. your coffee and water glasses are never empty and they are quick to answer questions. the noise level will get rather loud, but it's definitely still manageable. and if you want to remember your visit, there's a photo booth at the front when you first walk in. 

West Egg is definitely in my top 10 go-to brunch locals around the city. if you haven't been, plan a trip for this weekend. you will be so happy. 

have you been? tell me about your experience in the comments below. and if you have other suggestions of places to try about Atlanta, i would love to know.