RAW Artists of Atlanta Showcase Recap // 10.19.15

since it's monday and we are all having to get back into the grind after this first fall weathered weekend i thought i would share some memories from the RAW Artists of Atlanta Paramount showcase that was hosted in August. it's been a little time since the show case, but i am still feeling the effects of such a great night. 

being apart of the Paramount showcase was an incredible experience. it was my first art show and i wasn't entirely certain what to expect - turns out instead of all my worrying, i should have just expected an amazing party. i met so many different artists with beautiful pieces; and my friends came out to support me as well so that made it even better. 

the first couple of minutes i awkwardly stood by my art, wondering what the heck i had gotten myself into, but after speaking with the first interested person it was smooth sailing. i was able to share how i started, my creative process and where i see myself going. the best part was watching people's face light up and they looked at my art. the happiness of the colors was contagious. 

i was so busy the entire night i wasn't able to take many photos; thankfully the amazing friend HelloKorin was there to capture so many moments. thank you again lady! you are truly a God-send. 


i think the biggest thrill was seeing my largest piece, an 18x24" Midtown Atlanta print sell to this adorable couple. they were so patient with me while i struggled to pull it down from the top of the display. 

now that the showcase has come and gone and i've been able to interact with customers, i have felt more inspired and determined than i ever have been. seeing the reactions to my art is so unreal; it's such a different experience than selling online. it makes the idea of a brick and mortar gallery/studio more enticing...