Revolution Doughnuts & Coffee // 09.08.15

how early is too early to get up to wait in line for a doughnut? for the perfect doughnut there is never too early - so i woke Jas up at 7:30am!

this girl stole my spot when i walked to the bathroom - she’s so sneaky

Revolution Doughnuts & Coffee opened at 8am and when we finally arrived around 8:30am the line was already wrapped outside the door; it took a while to get into the car since someone was “sleepy”. the shop is located in an miniature shopping strip next to an Ale Yeah! along a 2 lane street in Decatur with limited parking and seating. many of the customers in line were carrying their orders out instead of dining in so there was seating for us.

the menu was on display along the back wall and large enough to be seen from the front window. we spent our time in line reading the mouth watering options -  true blueberry, fresh peach sliders, nutella cream puffs and more. then we saw it… the doughnut case was packed with glistening baked beauties - iced with beautiful colors and topped with everything delicious. our decision on our orders suddenly got harder.

we finally settled on three different flavors, maple bourbon cronut, cinnamon apple fritter and orange pistachio yeast. i also ordered the seasonal raspberry mocha and Jas ordered a drip coffee. we waited less than three minutes and our order was out! the service is amazing at Revolution Doughnut by the way!

we sat at the bar and couldn’t get over the fantastic flavors we were eating. i started with the orange pistachio - the initial bite was mostly pistachio with rich nutty flavor with a delicate orange finish. Jas’s description of the maple bourbon cronut was perfect - it was light and flakey with a strong buttery bourbon flavor; the maple flavor built over time giving it a warmth. the apple fritter was crispy and tasted exactly like fall. oh, and the raspberry mocha… heaven!

is it bad that i want to drive to decatur every morning so i can grab a doughnut? i mean i would end up gaining weight before the wedding, isn’t the goal, but my tastebuds would be so happy!

this might be a strong statement, but i stand behind it - Revolution Doughnuts & Coffee is my favorite doughnut shop! it’s a must go if you’re in the area.

NOTE - i also went to Revolution Doughnuts & Coffee with my bestie while venue searching. i had the true blueberry - the icing was a vivid violet color and the berry flavor was on point!