think fantastic tex-mex munchies with a bright patio space and bold cocktails. superica, another Ford Fry prodigy, is a highlight within Inman Park’s Krog Street Market.

i met Glo, from gloingthroughlife, a couple weeks ago for a Sunday brunch. the patio was incredibly inviting and the perfect spot to meet on the unusually warm day. the tables and chairs were modern; and even with a crowded space with soft music playing, we didn’t have to yell to hear each other.

since we ate outside i wasn’t able to take in the inside decor for very long, but i loved the mix of old and new with rich woods, modern seating and ample wall art. i also fell in love with the lighting - those edison bulbs are a favorite of mine and were even better hanging in gorgeous clear orbs.  

the brunch menu was the perfect size - there wasn’t too much on it, but enough to feel like there was a nice selection. Glo and i both struggled in choosing what to get because every time we thought we had decided something else seemed just as yummy. i finally decided on tamales and eggs with coffee; the tamales just kept calling.

it was the perfect decision! the eggs were perfectly cooked and placed directly on top of two beautiful pork tamales. doesn’t that photograph make you hungry? each meal is served with a side of beans. they had so much flavor, mid-meal i had to stop eating them because i wasn’t going to be able to finish my main. before leaving, i ordered steak and eggs for Jas and brought them home. he couldn’t have stuffed them in his face faster; he was saying “mmmmm” the whole time he was eating too. i am guessing he liked them.


our server was fantastic; she had extensive knowledge of the menu and was incredibly helpful with our questions. i really couldn’t be happier with the overall experience at superica. between the excellent food, friendly service and fantastic vibe, superica is definitely my new tex-mex go to in the city.

a couple of things we didn’t have a chance to try were the cocktails and beers; we met well before the 12:30pm gerogia alcohol rule. their cocktail list looked amazing, with 7 well-named drinks that include a variety of things like mole bitters, ruby red vodka or habanero tincture. honestly, i am dying to try these. oh, and did i mention the margaritas?! so many options that all look like great choices. and for beer lovers, they have a well-rounded list of bottled, canned and draft.

if you’re looking for a great place to meet the girls for brunch, the guys beers or family friends for dinner, superica is chic place to meet. have you been before? tell me what you think  in the comments below.

Glo and i spent our time chatting about work, life and everything else to catch up. when i dropped something off the table i noticed her gorgeous red pumps and had to take a snap! aren’t they gorg?!