april shop updates

2017 seems to be melting before my eyes; where did april go? regardless it's been a fantastic first quarter. we have done so much in so little time. 

1. #lamaisondesalberts

we moved from midtown to west midtown and couldn't be happier. we love our new digs with the patio and 2 bedrooms. we have been growing plants like crazy! and we were able to paint! determining the color of your space makes it feel so much more like a home. 

our apartment transformation will be posted soon. 

2. #shopfreeinthelines

new art has been flowing out of the studio! between the original abstract pieces that i am obsessing over to the latest pupper additions to the shop, it's been a wonderful growing process. 

3. #popup

i've been able to collaborate with Pottery Barn of Avalon in Alpharetta for a pop up already and this weekend is a second on at Rejuvenation at Ponce City Market! this has been an incredible experience; i love meeting everyone in person and getting to show off my work. be sure to RSVP for this weekend's event to receive a little something extra when you purchase at the event. 

now, it's time to get back to prepping for this weekend, but i cannot wait to see what adventures lie ahead.