picked a peck of pickled peppers

well, sort of...

Jas picked a peck of peppers to be pickled. and they're so. terribly. good.


about a month ago, i shared our total love affair with plants. after lots of sunshine, water and love, we have a ton of ripe, ready to eat spicy banana peppers. since they have a bold, mouth burning spice, i wasn't sure i would be able to eat them. but, Jas proved me wrong and now i love them. he decided to pickle them.

this type of food experimenting is where Jas really shines. after looking at a couple different brine recipes with only slightly different ingredients, he settled on this one. for the first batch he chose to remove the seeds and pickle without them. but he plans on leaving the seeds in next time. 

he followed the recipe and even ombred the contents of the jar for photos. making the brine is super easy, only taking about 5 minutes. but it does make the whole house smell like vinegar for a while so don't do this on a day you expect company! after a week of resting in the fridge, we decided it was time to open the jar up. on homemade pizza night we added these yummy peppers with pepperoni, goat cheese, sundried tomatoes, fresh basil, fresh thyme and fresh oregano. we ate the pizza so fast that i forgot to take a photograph. 


the peppers turned out to be much sweeter than their spicy, fresh counterparts, with a vinegar impact and a delicate biting spice that lingers after swallowing. in a word, delicious. 

so if you have a bunch of spicy peppers you don't know what to do with, get to pickling! and if you have a favorite pickling brine recipe, share in the comments below.