on our turntable

one of the best Christmas gifts we've ever been given was this audio-technica turntable. we listen to music almost daily. popping on some tunes while cooking, getting ready in the morning or after dinner with a glass of wine. music is just one of those things can make any day better. curious what we listen to? here's what's on our turntable today.

image source :  pinterest

image source : pinterest

this is Jas's current fave. he has wanted it since the first time he heard Believer on the radio and he finally caved and purchased the vinyl. it's a good addition to our collection because of the well known name and familiar sounds to round out our other unknown artists with eclectic vibes. with an engaging opener with undertones that capture your ear and the chorus gets your head bobbing and some 80's feelings, this album is an every day listen. 

vibe - current every day
some songs are easy rhythms that get you to sway, while others will get you hyped. 

favorite song - Believer
a close second is Dancing in the Dark because of the romantic feeling.

beverage paring - gin & tonic

image source :  pinterest

image source : pinterest

soulful melodies tug at your heart while a voice melts everything around you - this album is a blissfully romantic. light a candle, grab a glass of wine and snuggle with your favorite someone while Leon Bridges defines the emotions you see in each others' eyes. 

vibe - throwback romance

favorite song - Brown Skinned Girl
Lisa Sawyer is a close second with that beautiful velvety love. 

beverage pairing - merlot

image source :  pinterest

image source : pinterest

this one was purchased specifically for S.O.B. - while i love the entire album, this song was what sealed the deal. you can't help but clap to the beat and sing it SON OF A B*#$% at the top of your lungs when the chorus begins. just like S.O.B, the rest of the songs will get you tapping your foot and singing along. this album just makes me happy.

vibe - folk rock

favorite song - S.O.B. obviously

beverage pairing - whiskey cocktail


subscription services rock!

when we unwrapped the turntable that Christmas so many years ago, we had two albums i knew well - Bryan Adams (of course) and the Top Gun soundtrack - and a handful from my parents including a jazzercise mix. now, three years later we have too many to count, stacked in a nook in our entry way. some we LOVE and others we don't care for, but all get listened to on rotation. if it wasn't for our subscription to Vynl, we wouldn't have many of these babes. if you have a record player and want to grow your collection in a fun way, get a subscription. for $39 a month, they will send you three albums at random based on your music preferences defined on Spotify or SoundCloud. how cool is that!? they're your vinyl personal shopper! 


get yours

while, i will use our player until it stops turning, it isn't the prettiest thing. below are some of my favorites. 

anything you've been listening to lately that you're loving? do tell! we are always looking to grow our collection. be sure to comment below.