80 degrees in march // 03.02.12

so, its 80 degrees and absolutely gorgeous in georgia today. but its march! how can this be so wonderful when it's supposed to be cold still? but hey, i am not complaining. the only problem with this beautiful weather is that i do not have any clothes to wear. i mean, i have tons of outfits for chilly weather: hot pink jeans, gray cozy sweaters, thick chunky black and gray heels... but i have few cute spring items. thankfully, the latest issue ELLE mag. and LUCKY mag. just came in the mail. i have been skimming the pages gawking at the lustrous floral fabrics and the spicy bralettes. i'm ecstatic that beach waves are still in style. my hair does not do well pin straight.

well, as spring break begins, i am going to continue hunting for the best looking spring fashions and ponder the things i should be doing.