innovation found in Boston // 03.06.12

late in high school, i dreamed of going to M.I.T. and becoming a Mechanical Engineer. i didn't want to be just another boring math nerd though, my plans were simple: do something worth noticing. the idea behind becoming a MAE was to actual fuel the dream of designing car bodies. spoiler alert: Its funny how my dreams changed. i do not go to M.I.T. (even though i occasionally wear an M.I.T. t-shirt and will almost always be asked if i attend. shhh.... sometimes i say yes), i am not a MAE, and my major will not help me in any way design car bodies. none of these things will stop me from achieving my goal though. i will still ultimately so something worth noticing day.

when i heard that some students at M.I.T. created a car that could fold up i had to check it out. the idea is that this car will help immensely in cities; not only will it cut down the pollution, but also save space and be conveniently accessible. they call it the Bit Car. this compact car can hold 2 people and is roughly the size of the Smart Car. once collapsed, three models can fit comfortably in one normal sized parking space. they are designed to be available similarly to carts at the airport, except outside subway stations and other busy locations in each individual city. i think the wheels are one the coolest features; each wheel is individually steered, like robot wheels, making turning relatively simple. You can rotate almost on a dime. the ingenuity of these vehicles is amazing. i cannot wait to see these in action. In this video, the model is one half the intended size of the Bit Car, but you can see their creation at work.

these engineers have gumption and have designed something worth buzzing about.