big boy birthday // 04.10.12

it has been a long time since i have been able to take some time for myself and blog. it is nice sitting behind the key board once again to do something other then school or work. my boyfriend's birthday is coming  up quickly and i finally decided exactly what i plan to do. i have a long list of things that I would like to give him; little and big. generally, i am a pretty good gift giver if i do say so myself. our first Christmas together i bought him a star and named it 'Darling' since that's what i call him. yes, laugh if you will. It is a little cheesy, but he loved it. i wrapped the certificate of authenticity and put it in a dark blue glass bottle. for his birthday one year, i bought him a piece of land in Ireland that he now has claim to. the last Christmas we spent together i made him a chess board from nuts and bolts.

this year for his birthday i had to think even more out of the box. i wanted it to be something tangible and not a book. we both always seem to give each other books accidentally. on a side note, its fun to get one of my favorite books and then scribble notes all throughout it with my thoughts that i was thinking while reading; his favorite gift book so far is The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas. but back to his upcoming birthday extravaganza.

first, I will start with food. my goal is to make him whole lobster with bacon wrapped scallops and some type of veggie on the side. now, when i say lobster i mean live, moving lobster that has to be placed in boiling water. i have only actually done this once and i was 12 with my aunt. this will be quite an experience. he has to work from the morning til the afternoon so my plan is to decorate and prepare the veggies and scallops before he comes home. i am thinking of getting one big balloon, filling a mug with his favorite beer, and setting the table really pretty. once he is home we can cook the lobsters together.

now to the gift. this year I am going to make him a shadow box. it will have a print out of a silhouette of a beer with the middle cut out and the words 'i need a beer' inside. its a really sleek print. then i will clean his favorite beer bottle out and glue it to the inside of the shadow box. i hope this turns out as cool in real life as it sounds in my head. next, i am going to make him some map coaster using a road map of Massachusetts. finally, I will find a cute bow tie.

the after party will be a blast. this is still a work in progress. i have been asking his closest friends to make the trip to campus to visit him for this day, but in addition to their presence i am going to ask a few others to help make his birthday party a blow out.

hopefully, this all comes together smoothly. wish me luck!