Studying...Or Not

I am somewhat proud of myself for keeping up with posting so often. I have been needing an escape lately and I keep trying to take mental vacations from the mountain of work that is sitting before me. My friends seem to be having similar issues though. As I am typing away on my economics book report in my own little world with John Mayer serenading me, I hear a crash of something metal.  Panicking, I tore my head phones from my ears and looked around only to notice Boyfriend's roommate taking a break. We have discovered a secret to the great studying success; flying. Earlier this year I bought my boyfriend one of those RC helicopters you see flying around in the mall. The ones that go inside and out. The one that is not the size of your hand; its bigger. Yea... the expensive one. Is it a problem that at times I feed his childish behaviors? For now I am going to say no since it is providing me some study relief. Anyways, we have time outs to play with the copter. It is so much fun watching everyone's face while its flying around. The room can be completely empty with just Boyfriend and I, but as soon as we start up the motor of the copter, his two other roommates race to watch. It attracts the attention of even the most mature of house guests.

Well, as much as I would like to continue my entertaining break,  I need to return to my economics book and pretend like I understand something. Wish me luck and good luck with your evening endeavors. -Ciao