Day of the Moms

Today is a special day in the house. This celebration should come more often and not strictly on a specific day, but we are all guilty of taking our moms for granted. I know that I will never be able to explain how much she has impacted my life. She is unbelievably patient, kind, and understanding, creative, innovative, brilliant, and quite frankly, remarkable. She has sacrificed so much for my brother and I. I can only hope one day I am half the amazing woman she is. Thank you Mom for all you have given and done for me. So, trying to express a fraction of our appreciation, my brother and I joined forces on a quest for the perfect gift. Thankfully, we found a few things we thought she would like.

The first gift was a set of glass orb lanterns. We thought they would be perfect hanging in the screened-in porch.

Our second gift was a mini cactus garden. Mom had said she wanted one for a long time now and while searching for the lanterns we happened upon a white porcelain bowl that was perfect. We bought two cacti and two types of succulent plants to add a little variation.  She LOVED them!

Thus far, today has been a success. Hopefully, every other daughter/son has been too. And to all the moms, thank you for your dedication and hard work. I hope all have a wonderful, and hopefully relaxing, Mother's Day. -Ciao