Fun Summer Nights

The past two nights I have had a blast with my closest friend and boyfriend. I have realized that some of the best dates do not have to be the most expensive or extravagant; it really depends on who you are spending your time with. When my friend from the city announced that he was coming to see me, I was determined to show him only the best of my home. He had been asking me to send him desserts in the mail all semester as a joke and I decided that when he came we would do just that; make cupcakes! The only problem, what kind to make? His favorite flavors are vanilla, mango, strawberry, and peach. A few days before coming I found a great recipe for Peach Cobbler Cupcakes. They seemed perfect.

When he arrived Friday evening we had a great time. We tooled around in the golfcart, looked at some of the prettiest houses, stopped for fro-yo, baked the amazing cupcakes, and watched R.E.D. I am so glad he was able to take time from his busy schedule to come see me. The trick now will be having to top this last visit.

Yesterday, I spent most of the day with Boyfriend. We had planned on going to the pool all afternoon, but decided last minute to change things up and head into the city. When he got to my house to pick me up though, we realized we weren't exactly sure what to do all day. We wanted to make the gas money worth it. Our main goal was to have a wonderful lunch at the famous Chow Baby. It isn't worth going into Atlanta only for lunch though. So we started searching what we could do that wouldn't be too expensive. After much deliberation, we decided to eat, shop at Anthropologie, visit IKEA, mosey through Atlantic Station, and finally end the night at the Starlight Six Drive In Theater. We had such a fun time. In addition to having a scrumptious meal, we got to go shopping (always a plus), and see 2 movies! It was even more exciting because Boyfriend had never been to IKEA and I had never been to a drive in movie theater. Watching a movie under the stars and in the comfort of the bed of  a truck was so fun. What a fabulous weekend it has been so far. Time to go enjoy the sun. -Ciao