Generally, I like simple clothes. Yes they can have elaborate patterns & sequins everywhere, but when it comes to shape, the staples are the way to go. So I have a large collection of plain with some wow. Recently though, I have fallen in love with the over sized necklaces. They are perfect to spice up a boyfriend t-shirt, a plain tank, or over overlapping a pattern. Between yesterday and today I found two that are right up my ally. They both are in the blues and add a little something extra to my wardrobe. The first piece is from Charming Charlie. I like it because the sparkle wasn't too over powering, but still gleamed in the sunlight. The second necklace I found was from local store called A Twist on Main. the combination of the coral, gold, and turquoise is perfect. I love them! Well, its time to go test them out. -Ciao