In Love...

A wedding in Savannah; how perfect. This weekend became even better when I feel in love. I fell head over heels for the most spectacular paintings. Tiffany Taylor's Gallery was down a narrow side street in midtown Savannah. Her bold sign contrasted with the white building and I was curious. As soon as I walked in the door I was done for. I couldn't keep my eyes in one place. Everything was gorgeous! The colors were brilliant. The subject matter flawless. The splatters were perfectly placed. I have found the paintings I want to cover my walls with one day.

I not only gawked at the beauty of her work, but I also met Tiffani in person. Much like her work, she has award winning charisma and charm. I was excited by her enthusiasm and love of art. She has become my inspiration and role model.This gallery is the start to a whole new chapter of her life. It is her baby, her prized possession, and she has big plans for the future. The gallery has not been open long, but I am delighted to see how it grows and changes.

You can find her work at The online images do not even begin to compare to the originals. If you are ever in the beautiful southern city of Savannah, go to her gallery.