Lucky Mag's 'It' Girl

Lucky Magazine's Kate Bolick could not have picked a better starlet to write about in this month's issue. Leighton Meester is one of my all time favorite fashion forward girls. Like so many other women, I too wait anxiously for each episode of Gossip Girl to premier to see what Leighton's character, Blair Waldorf, wears next. Each week the glam explodes exponentially as we see her in another swanky, cutting-edge outfit. I also couldn't help but love her in Country Strong as Chiles Stanton. Her sweet girl charm and Barbie-gone-country style made it hard not to. The images from her photo shoot were inspiring. The new trend of long, fingy bangs couldn't be worn by anyone better and made me feel more confident in my choice of having gotten the same ones last month. The combination of her soft pink lips and her peachy eyes is stunning and as always, I love outfits.

Bolick's writing style made this interview article fun and easy to read. I learned so much more about my idol than I ever thought I would. It is comforting knowing that Leighton likes sweats and comfy clothes just as much as I do, and there isn't anything wrong with that. This posh girl will forever hold a place in mind as my style icon.

If you haven't picked up this month's issue of Lucky Mag. you can read all about Leighton in the online article as well.