All Things Dainty

With chunky jewelry being all the rage, I pushed my little necklaces to the back of my closet and forgot about them for a while. But how could I do that to the pieces that I love so much?! I went to put a watch away and I found my old loves. There were so many. I am a sucker for something small and shiny. If it sparkles and gleams I immediately stop and look. Even though they tend to disappear, tiny pieces add just a enough class and elegance to any outfit.

So, I started looking... Was everyone wearing big necklaces all the time? Are my tiny ones still in? After doing some research I found that they were! So, I started shopping for a few new smaller pieces, just to mix up my collection a bit. Here are a few I have fallen in love with.


So don't be afraid to mix up your jewelry girls!


Go from chunky to tiny in a a few seconds and your look will completely change. Good luck on your hunt for tiny sparkles. - Ciao