Family Christmas Tree *Sigh of happiness* I am finally home. Another semester has come and gone. No more stress. No more books. No more tests. Just me, my family, and really long Christmas "To Do" list. I have bought all of my immediate family's gifts (thank goodness), but I still have to finish Boyfriend's and my roommates'. So much to do, with so little time. But, I am always one to do well during crunch time.

This morning, while I was groggily checking my Twitter feed (yes, judge away. I do check all of my social media first thing when I wake up) I noticed a tweet from the lovely Dallas Shaw. She is holding a Mai Couture giveaway. Until this about 10 o'clock this morning I had never heard of Mai Couture, so of course I looked.

Instant love. They have "papiers" that are just-the-right-amount of make up! And they are the perfect size for on-the-go! Mai Couture is now a favorite bookmark. From Blemish Control Blotting Papier to Blushes and Bronzers, these little papers are perfect gifts for friends, family, or even yourself. Not only are their products cute, something Dallas mentioned is their lovely packaging. Until that moment I had not realized that was a big factor for why I fell in love so quickly. Presentation is a large part of selling any product and Mai Couture has hit it spot on.

So, if you are still looking for gift ideas, stocking stuffers, or you want to try something different check out Mai Couture and follow them on Twitter! Oh! And go look at what Dallas has been up to. She is such an amazing artist! I can't help but wish to have her skill. -Ciao