Seeing Spots & Dots

Lately, I have been seeing spots everywhere. I have always loved Dalmatians for their beautiful coats, so  I deeply love black and white polka dots. While scouring Pinterest I found this image which triggered some inspiration for a dotty board.

If you only want a few spots to your wardrobe, spice it up with some accessories. Add some dots to your wrist with the sweet & salty Kiel James Patrick bow tie bracelet or some large circles to your iPhone with this Kate Spade case.

If you are a little bolder, then flaunt a whimsical polka dot tee shirt. The structure of this tee shirt dresses up the usually casual shape, but the large dot print keeps it flirty. Or try some dots on the bottom with these saucy pants.

For all over spots, this polka dot dress has the perfect balance of structure and bounce. Of course with having black and white as a base, you always need a pop of color. I fell in love with the Kate Spade belt and shoe combination in the gorgeous lipstick shade of  pink.

Dots21.Bracelet  2. iPhone Case  3. Tee Shirt  4. Dress  5. Belt  6. Shoes  7. Pants

Lucky Magazine has an adorable article for how to pair dotty pants if you need some more ideas.

Tell me what you think of these bold prints in the comment box below; or show me  how you pair your polka dots! -Ciao