Playing Catch Up

So I just happened to stumble upon this site by chance a couple days ago; yes, I am probably a little behind, but just in case others are like me... have you seen Nasty Gal?! Their clothing line is stylish, fun, and not terribly expensive. NastyGal2

Nasty Gal is one of the fastest growing online company at this moment and it is no wonder why. Nasty Gal's founder Sophia found the perfect way to begin her company, check out some more details here.

The clothes, accessories, and shoes from Nasty Gal aren't the only thing I like; they recently released their second Super Nasty issue. Not only is the content interesting and full of spunk, but their online presence is too cool. I can't help but be fascinated with their layout and style for this online mag since my career path is digital design media. The visuals of the mag are captivating and eye catching; the font choices add interest and appeal for the reader while remaining consistent in type face; overall the look and feel for this online mag is spicy. So don't miss out. Make sure to take some time and read it.