Live In The Grey

I don't have much time today. Things are rather busy on this end. Graduation is about...3&1/2 weeks away and I am beyond excited! The close of one chapter, but the opening of a different door. While I have been racing around trying to finish all the projects before the close of my collegiate career I have been focusing a lot on what the next step in my life is - I have so many questions. Where do I go from here? How do I continue to brand myself, hold a job, and still love what I do? Is that even possible?

Thankfully, while stumbling around on some new design websites, searching for more inspiration, a friend told me about Live in the Grey. Even at first glance I loved it. The colors, the design of the website, the awesome pictures...everything caught my attention. Then I watched some videos and I became even more in love with this idea of living in the grey. They say it the best - Life isn't just black or white or working to live, You have to love what you do. Your passion can become your life.

So, while I rush away to design yet another graduation announcement  - , I know, I am late working on these - I am going to continue to explore how I can do what I love. I hope you can too. Go check out their site, watch some videos, and figure out how you can love everything you do. -Ciao