Logo Overload

Danae and I are working on a passion project and have accomplished leaps and bounds worth of work! From titles, to acquiring contributors, to creating the ballsiest business plan, but we have reached a pivotal point in our dream... the logo! She and I have been going back and forth in what we like, what we don't like, but we are struggling to make a decision. Thankfully, she had another brilliant idea... why not ask our friends, families, and followers for their opinion. So here it is, our logo poll! We ask you pick three (3) that are your favorite and if you have suggestions or want to explain why you chose the ones you did leave us a comment below! Thanks so much for you help. We are excited to see what y'all choose. PS - Please excuse the extreme vibrancy of the logos. Everywhere except Wordpress looks normal.

SoE Poll Options

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