Instagram is one of the most popular social medias today. You're probably saying 'tell me something I don't know'. The application is adored because anyone, yes even those with horrid grammar, can become a story teller; no words necessary. Instead of fabricating a scene with language, freeze frame one of your latest adventures, newest shopping splurge, or even... dare I say it... your most recent meal. You don't even have to script 'the perfect' caption if you don't want. I find that I am addicted to Insta (yes, I abbreviated the beloved app), but not because I want to know every minute detail of my closest friends' lives, the sole purpose we all joined Facebook. Instead I'm actually dying to see stranger's work. I want to see new art, jaw dropping photography, and behind-the-scene updates for engaging bloggers. It's true, I admit it. Many of the people I follow are not even my friends at all. They are strangers that have captured my heart and imagination with their innovation and creativity; they're social influencers. Instagram has become an art form. Everybody won't be followed, but anybody can become an influencer. All your account needs is a purpose, theme or artistic strategy. Social influencers gain a following by thinking outside the box; how to film a more interesting video (not just your cat playing with a toy) or how to push the envelop of what a camera can physically capture.

Let's not forget the old adage 'a picture is worth a thousand words'. I even found I enjoy seeing smaller companies' advertisements (I tend to avoid larger companies). Instagram is a hub for many uses and marketing is just another. If you can capture pieces of your company within the square AND capture it with interest, mission accomplished. More business will be gained from that free marketing than from the paid Facebook ads.

If you're not already taking advantage of Instagram, you're a little behind the times and reconsider. But to those that are, make sure that you have a purpose to your content. Find new and inventive ways to capture the attention of your followers. Because if you can, news of your brilliance will spread like wildfire. Alright, I will end my soapbox rant about my love of the application and move onto showing my favorites. I want to know yours too! Leave links or handle names in the comments section.

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