Hump Day Update

I hope everyone's week has been going well! I have been doing a little better on balancing life's schedule so I thought I would reward myself with some blog time. From post conception to deployment I have 15 minutes... sheesh. Okay here we go. Speaking of Everything Update  - I have designed almost all of the pages (so exciting!) The content is brilliant and vivid so when you start turning the pages everything should come to life - try to contain your excitement. Danae and I are working on adding our web content at the moment. I honestly think once January rolls around we wont remember what the real world even looks like because we have been staring at our computers for so long.

Life Update - Early this week I accepted an offer to work with an amazing advertising agency and I cannot tell you how thrilled I am! I don't actually begin until January, but this position is going to allow me to flex and grow to new heights. I am looking forward to all the challenges that lay ahead and the high speed work environment.  I've missed agency life!

Oh! I am also interning as a graphic designer for a wonderful TV personality. It has been really fun thus far and holidays are always the busiest so it was the perfect time to dive 100% into this internship.

Because of these new job positions I asked Kettelhut Photography to take a couple head shots for me. Of course we took a ton of photos! She is such a fun photographer to work with and if you are ever in the Atlanta area looking for someone to snap the right angle, she's your girl.

Got My Shades On

Okay, I have to wrap up soon, 3 minutes left!

New Favorites - During my design breaks I have been exploring the app world and I found EyeEm. Has anyone else used it before? EyeEm is similar to Instagram. It is a photo sharing social space. The best part, it isn't apart of Facebook! Which means you own all the rights to your images. The interface is easy to navigate and  I really like how the images are categorized. You can find images by their location, choose between numerous filters, and even enter 'missions' (aka contests).

So far so good with this app. I would love to hear your thoughts about it! I hope the rest of your week goes great! And look for the final installation of Perfect Gifts For Your Perfect Guy. (Yes, I know. I forgot last week). Anyways - Ciao