Home Sweet Home

Earlier this month it was time to put on those big girl panties and take another stab at the world; moving. But not just moving anywhere; into the city! Goodbye family home in suburbia, hello adventure! While I only moved about 35 miles away, I feel like I am in another state. No more crazy long commutes and no more OTP (outside the permiter) livin'. Of course, because I am me with horrible luck, I ran into the speed bump of my car dying immediately following the move, but oh well. Jas and I packed everything we had worth moving into the bed of his pickup truck and set off for the big city. Apartment4

{I love the reflection of the living room windows in the granite kitchen counter tops} Apartment3

{Jas is the best! Putting together the bed we repainted to an elephant gray}


{We have all new appliances! And HELLO granite counter tops!}


{It looks small in this picture, but our living room is actually very roomy}

That first weekend I only hyperventilated once! Go me! It's always shocking watching money you worked long and hard for just disappear in the matter of seconds. But it was well worth the money to rent the 809 sq feet of adorable apartment space I now call home. It's going to be fun watching this little, bare apartment turn into something so much more. This is where my collab project with Hello Korin comes into play; does my last post make more sense now?

Honestly, between Korin's organizational skills and Jas's levelheadedness, I think I would have bought that $500 glam chandelier and still be eating Ramen off paper plates. Thankfully, Korin is helping me refocus and balance the items that are truly needed with items I dearly want, all within a reasonable budget. We call it Beachy Boho Luxe.

I can't wait to show you more!