Growing Greens

Tips from Hungrily Homemade's very own Rania Renno

Like many Atlantans, I live in a cozy 809sq foot apartment with no yard. Yes, there is some greenery outside, but it is not truly mine. That means planting a garden is currently out of scope. I dream of the Pinterest tips for growing herbs and flowers in my future garden and for now I’m obsessed with Dylon, my pineapple plant, but having a garden inside is what I am going to have to work towards.

For Rania from Hungrily Homemade though, her garden is her life! She grows a number of delicious veggies, all of which she uses in her cooking. Her top pieces of advice:

  1. Dig a big enough space to drop in the baby plant
  2. Add top soil
  3. Ensure enough sunlight
  4. Water it as soon as you plant it
  5. Talk to them every day so they know you love them

Rania's Cheery Tomatoes

Rania's Blueberries

As a new grower, Dylon being my first real attempt to grow anything (other than succulents, those little buggers never die!) I had some questions to ask her:

Q: What is the easiest veggie to grow for beginners? A: Cherry tomatoes for sure. They take no work.

Q: Can they be indoor plants? A: Haha, they work best outside.

Q: Do they grow well in planters or must they be in soil? A: I have mine in planters and they’re great!

Q: If you could only grow three veggies what would you pick? A: Cucumbers, Tomatoes &Jalapenos

Q: How many times a week do you water them? A: I water them every other day.

Q: What are your garden necessities? A: A small shovel and manicured nails!

Meet Dylon