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Either you love to hate it or hate to love it. Twitter connects opposite sides of the globe with 140 characters. 140, that includes punctuation! Talk about effective communication; other social medias cannot even compare, with their wordy posts and poking animals. Okay. Okay, you're right. Instagram connects people using only an image, but that's just Twitter for people who can't read.

The difference that sets a primo Tweeter apart from the pack is how they manipulate those characters into miniature stories. The lame ones tweet about what they just ate or what they're watching on TV. The real kick ass people people, the ones who's content you actually want to read, carefully craft their words, providing comic relief to an otherwise stressful day, igniting inspiration or giving you a good reason to tweet something yourself. Allow me to introduce you to some of the best:

The Foodies

AltonBrownAlton Brown – Formerly of Good Eats on the Food Network and currently of Cutthroat Kitchen. He has a line of bowties with hook + ALBERT. He is a Southern Man whose personality has graced television and his twitter is just as great. When he replies to tweets he writes his responses on sticky notes and posts pictures of the notes on his feed; it matches his quirky personality. The man I credit for my love of cooking and food culture. Does a podcast cast called the Alton Brown Cast and has many of the major names in the culinary world as guests; discussing the world today and the current state of culinary affairs.

Andrew Zimmern – The man behind the Go Fork Yourself podcast and Bizarre Foods. He is an excellent follow on Twitter and Instagram; he likes to document his food adventures. His television personality is lighthearted and fun, not many would guess that his beginnings in the culinary world were a very dark time. A true American success story.

High Road Ice Cream – Gourmet ice cream made right in Atlanta. With flavors such as Bourbon Burnt Sugar, I cannot stress enough that you should follow them.


Jack Rudy Cocktail – I am a sucker for all things Charleston. Jack Rudy Cocktail makes bar goods, such as tonic, bitters, and grenadine. With my love for gin and tonic, I can only imagine that some of their small batch tonic would enhance my experience.

The Bloggers

Back Down South – A blog of the Fontenot’s, a couple transplanted from the South that have recently returned home. Complete with giveaways from great brands and my favorite segment “Drink This”, the blog will have you pining for a return to the south or wanting to quickly move south of the Mason-Dixon.

Red Clay Soul – A man who has eyes on every sale that could possibly arise; the best source for southern fashion that I have come across. He is a magician at finding items off of Ebay. Once you start following him on twitter and reading his blog, prepare for your wallet to feel significantly lighter.

Hunters of Brora  – A hold over from my time in Scotland, I love tweed. Hunter’s tweed will sell you bolts of tweed and help you with your bespoke clothing desires. Might be a Christmas gift to myself this year; follow them for updates on their selection and availability.

The Musicians

Imagine Dragons – I have seen these guys in concert and it was by far the best show that I have been too. They are very interactive with their fans on twitter and always posting pictures from the road.


The Comedians

Cloyd Rivers - Cloyd will keep you laughing for hours. Half the joy of this Twitter handle is the complete and utter stereotypical redneckness of it all. Yes, redneckness is now a new word. He's the beer drinking, shotgun toting, 1-upping better American . If you're easily offended, I don't recommend his account.

Post Grad Problems - This account tells the horrors of being an adult. No matter what, you will walk  away feeling like you're hot stuff. These hilarious events include the ridiculous boss, crowded workplaces and the insane water cooler chatter. Everything you imagine in a cube farm.


Don't forget to check in with me at Dapper Pub for more of Men's Fashion and Living Well. Be sure to comment below with which Twitter handles you liked from my list or one of your favorites.  Cheers - Ethan