Meet Tucker

Nose + Paw

Everyone, I would like to introduce you to Tucker Senic-Albert, the latest addition to our family! Tucker the AussieShe's a spunky, lovable Australian Shepherd that follows Jas + I everywhere! A perfect little shadow. Her piercing blue eyes seem to notice every detail and she's a peanut butter hog. Sleepy Tucker Tucker + Lamb Chop She's 7 weeks now and about the size of a Chiweenie (yes, those are real), but I know she is going to grow up quick. Be sure to follow her adventures on Instagram, @Tucker_Aussie. I thought having a dedicated account would help keep me from overly posting pictures of her to my personal one.

Wish Jas + I luck with our new bundle of joy because right now we are onto day 2 of having no more than 2.5 hours of sleep.