shop news // 10.18.15

things have been crazy in the FITL shop lately; between the customs, new breed designs and prepping for the holidays i haven't had much time to do any blogging. so i thought i would check in and give y'all an update on all things new. 

for starters, i'd like to introduce you to some new pups... meet Bleu the Pug, Codi the Corgi, Sadie + Mason the Pit Bulls, Abe the Schnauzer + finally Beau the Boxer. these little guys are already listed in my shop and will be arriving at Crafted Westside next week. 

next, i created a couple new feathery friends; Rico the Toucan, Harmony the Cockatoo + Toby the Kingfisher. a couple more birds are in flight at the studio, see what i did there ;), but aren't quite ready yet. these three are listed in the shop and are already waiting at Crafted Westside for their new home.

as for customs, there have been so many new faces. Ty the Miniature Australian Shepherd, Barley + Atlas the Goldens, Winnie Cooper the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, Peach the Pup, Wallace, the Dog, Murphy the Pooch + Valo the Pit Bull just to name a few. they are all have been shipped or are on their way to their puppy parents. 

i am starting to think about the holidays and looking to try some new products, breeds and sizes. i would love to hear what you would like to see! comment below with your suggestions and i will definitely consider them for this season!