Oscar at SCAD

'o, Oscar...', that's all i could think while drooling over the pieces in the SCAD fash exhibit. the blacks looked blacker, the reds looked redder and sequins sparkled more than ever.

the exhibit is at the top of the SCAD parking deck located behind the building on Peachtree Street. Glo, from gloingthroughlife, and i went together and it took us a while to find where to go; the signage is terrible. but when we stepped off the elevator onto the white glittering floor, we both could feel Oscar's presence and the adoration that clearly went into this installation. 

the space was larger than i was expecting, but still had a very intimate feel. the dresses were numbered and surrounded by walls of color; many of the colors enhanced the ensembles' beauty while others seemed distracting (ahem, the yellow walls with the sequined gowns).

paired with the numbered gowns was a design map that was given to you when you purchased your tickets. each entry displayed who wore the piece or donated it for the show case. SJP's 2014 Met Gala gown was in here! 

the best part for me, was being able to lean in extra close to be able to see any tiny beading or stitching that interested me. and trust me, there were so many delicate features that i never would have noticed if i hadn't leaned in. i am almost certain after the first time i examined a piece, security labelled me as a "toucher" because of how closely i looked. but don't worry, i wouldn't disrespect the showcase that way. but regardless, they didn't know what that and the entire time i could feel security's hawk-like eyes always watching. oh well, i enjoyed it even with the ever-watching eyes.

another detail i loved were the "extras" on each mannequin. Some had black beaded trim eyes lashes or a more pearl colored set, others had the most elaborate head pieces (looking at you sequined dresses!).  and i couldn't help but LOVE the white embroidered wedding gown in the final section. i think it was the hat that really sold me on the entire look.

towards the middle there is a viewing room to watch the selection of pieces and tidbits of the behind the scenes. you can purchase fashion books or SCAD fash memorabilia before leaving the space. 

if you haven't been to the Oscar x SCAD fash piece yet, you must before it's gone - December 31st.  it's perfect for inspiration, a mommy-and-me date or girls' day. if you've been, i would love to hear about your favorite piece and why. include it in the comments below. enjoy!