brunch at Campagnolo // 5.3.15

rainy Sundays are the worst, unless of course you're meeting a wonderful friend at another trendy Atlanta brunch local - Campagnolo.


the ambience was perfect for the rainy day with great mood lighting, dark woods with natural light flooding the room.

Glo and i were greeted with friendly service and a delicious looking menu. we both ordered juice, a nice replacement to our usual mimosas; it was waaay before Georgia was going to allow for some fun drinks.

the item that kept calling my name on the menu was the Spicy Shrimp Polenta. there were other yummy options, but something warm sounded like exactly what the chilly morning needed. Glo ordered a fantastic sounding frittata.

while we waited we chatted about the latest and greatest. we had to meet early that morning so she could run to an appointment. i think early Sundays are even better than late Saturday nights. 

our meals arrived with refills of juice and steam. everything smelled delicious! and it was definitely worth ordering. the shrimp were large with a great layer of seasoning. the polenta were fluffy and full of flavor. every bite was perfect. Glo kept making "yum" sounds with every mouthful as well.

as our meal continued the restaurant picked up and the place quickly became packed. It was hard to hear each other talk with a larger group behind us giggling and laughing at whatever was funny.

when we finished we left the little place feeling full and happy. it was a great start to a lovely Sunday.

i'm adding Campagnolo to my brunch favorites!