new art // 6.28.15

june has been a month of experimenting for free in the lines. i placed my art in a shop (see my earlier post here if you missed that update), i've designed so many new customs and have been exploring with more subjects outside of my usual pups. 

some of the customs this month included:

  • a french bulldog puppy - Benny
  • a chocolate lab puppy - Jackson
  • a papillion - Lexi
  • a pomeranian - Loui
  • my aussie - Tucker

and i still have more to fill! like this beautiful white dog and a little girl bully. not to mention the three new breeds i added, a belgian shepherd, irish setter and a red merle aussie - finally with an aussie right?! plus a new lab pup in tropical hues!

as for the new, experimental work, i've branched into cacti/succulents, watery abstracts and beach side photos. i am loving the new prints and so excited to show you! 

the cacti + succulents are remaining the standard sizes of 8x10" + 11x14". they are great as stand alone pieces or in a row as a set. 

 the circular pieces only come in 10" squares with the circle 8" in diameter. they're fun because you can only see a peek of what they are as a whole and leave the viewer wondering. plus they come in those beautiful watery hues. they would be amazing as a set of a bed or in the living room above a couch. 

the sand and sea prints are all photographs i have taken while on vacation, mostly in california, but a couple from other places. they're printed as minis, only 5" squares, but come in sets of 3 or 5. minis make such perfect gifts or my favorite idea, use the to write love notes to someone special then frame them to keep forever. 

oh! and i almost forgot my new and improved midtown, atlanta print!

i still have more up my sleeve which you might have seen on instagram (ahem, the bras and bears), but i couldn't hold my excitement any longer. i would love to hear your feedback about my new pieces so be sure to comment below.