senic-albert wedding planning update // 7.6.15

this weekend was full of rain, fireworks + wedding planning.

i hate admitting this, but Jas and I have been struggling with our wedding planning. we know in our heads what we want - colors, casual style, fun with great food. the real challenge is fitting our wants into our budget - original thought I know. Haha. thank you Pinterest for making me have such high expectations. 

we have been bouncing back and forth between venues - do we want to have it here in Atlanta or would we rather have something a little more destination?

do we want to DIY or have a space where the catering is all included? do we really need a planner? a finding the perfect photographer... talk about stressful! we always seem to make about an inch of progress (we found our guest book, determined our invitations and the month we want to tie the knot) then quickly drift back into a lost state; what about a cake or catering or rentals?! my head is spinning again. 

thankfully my bestie from HelloKorin sent me a wedding binder as soon as i told her i got engaged and i have filled it with all of my favorite pieces of inspirations so when i get lost i always turn back to it. *note - her shop is on vacation while she's getting settled back into Georgia, but will be open again soon!*

i mean seriously Pinterest... these images are stunning! 

this experience is definitely something i will carry with me forever. it has helped Jas and i grow and better understand how we work together. i love how he is able to find unexpected elements that would make our big day so much more like us and how direct he is when it comes to saying no. i have been and will continue documenting the ups and downs of this process and can't wait to share it with you - keep your eyes open.

well, its a Monday in July and we desperately need to make more head way so i will leave you now, but if you have any wedding planning advice i would LOVE to hear it! but please, don't tell me just do what we want to and not listen to anyone else; we already know that one. hehe :) happy Monday!