mixing his + hers // 08.30.15

have you ever turned around to find your guy holding up a neon orange "DETOUR" sign with a cheesy grin as he proclaims "we can hang this in the living room!"? no, just me? well, then...  

sometimes decorating together can seem impossible. he doesn't want to have too many decorative pillows, but you don't want to live with his second-hand fraternity sofa. the key is to find the perfect balance of his and hers. thankfully, i have a couple suggestions to keep in mind while decorating. 

mix textures

don't be afraid to mix his and hers textures! pair your favorite ruffles with sleek leather or those fabulous feathers with thick natural twine or even those glittery sequins with a gorgeous calf hair piece. don't be afraid to completely integrate your two styles into something you both will love - you will have the perfect balance of soft edges and distinct details. 

emphasize neutrals 

don't feel like you have to pick your color or his - find neutrals that suite you both for all the larger pieces. think grays, navy or whites. then use hues you both love for any accents, like a blue gallery wall; you can include varying shades to highlight both the lights and darks. 

comfortable furniture 

don't be shy to invest in pieces that you both will use regularly - like your couch! choose something that looks beautiful, but is truly comfortable! something lounge-worthy! 

these three tips will help you create a space that you both will enjoy and quite possibly never want to leave! oh an in case you were wondering, that ugly "DETOUR" sign did not make it into our apartment. happy decorating! 

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