spotted! Bailey & Taylor of The Photo Bus ATL

it's been awhile since my last spotted! post, but definitely not to a lack of amazing entrepreneurs. i am really excited about this post because i met this couple while planning our wedding and was instantly charmed. i mean, what's not to love about a husband and wife team who attend events in a vintage VW bus and host a whimsical photo booth? that's right, nothing. it's all simply wonderful! 

i am incredibly excited and pleased to introduce you to this party-going couple that now resides in the wonderful peach state, Bailey and Taylor.

i met Bailey and Taylor after stumbling upon The Photo Bus ATL's facebook page (their website was still in the works). Jas and i were trying to decide if we wanted a photo booth at our wedding and we weren't going to settle for just any booth. i wanted it to be special and completely unique and that's exactly what The Photo Bus ATL offers. unfortunately our venue couldn't find a way to make the photo booth work so we weren't able to book them for our wedding.

Bailey and Taylor were wonderful to work with and did their best to make the photo booth possible for my event. their customer service is part of what made them so endearing. after hearing the final verdict of not being able to have bus at our wedding, Jas and i decided we didn't need one. i was struggling with the concept that this would be the last time we spoke (until i plan a future event, of course) so i realized that they would be a great spotted! highlight. they're new to the area, have a great business and Atlanta needed to know. 

if you're even remotely interested in happy couples, vintage VW buses, event planning OR my spotted! features, keep scrolling to hear about their story. i think you will leave loving them as much as i do. 

Bailey & Taylor of The Photo Bus ATL 

1. let’s start at the beginning, if i didn’t know anything about The PhotoBus ATL, what would you tell me? 

simply put, it's a mobile photo booth inside a 1971 VW bus! we customize backdrops, props, prints, etc. to customers' specifications. the best part is everyone gets a print with no additional cost to guests!

2. i'm sure readers are wondering who the adorable couple behind the lens is and how you began The Photo Bus ATL. do tell! 

we met at the University of Alabama our freshman year and were friends before we started dating. after college, we were long distance for another two years before Taylor proposed! we decided to move to Atlanta after we got engaged and started The Photo Bus ATL. The Photo Bus ATL is part of The Photo Bus family, originating in Kansas City. our wedding photographers also happened to be the founder of The Photo Bus, so we knew we wanted The Photo Bus at our own wedding and quickly decided the branded needed to expand to Atlanta! 

3. you were married shortly after Jas and i tied the knot, congratulations! did you have The Photo Bus ATL at your wedding? and has life changed significantly now that you're husband and wife?

thank you and congrats to y'all too! yes, we had The Photo Bus KC at our wedding - actually, we had two buses! Taylor's groom cake was also a replica of our bus! since our wedding, our lives haven't changed TOO much besides my (Bailey) reluctant change of name. now instead of focusing on a wedding together, we are focusing on building our business together. 

4. i have always said i would to work with Jas so we could spend all our time together, but sometimes i wonder if we would drive each other crazy. what's it like working with your spouse full time?

it's definitely harder than you expect at first! obviously before we jumped into anything, we weighed the pros and cons and knew there were going to be disagreements. we have fought a lot but we have also shared a lot of laughs and really great experiences together. we are going to continue to grow and change as the business does but i think we've really learned each other's strengths and weaknesses, and we have different ones. but we both love what we are doing in building this brand together. i'd say working with your spouse maybe isn't for everyone but so far it's working for us.

5. there seems to be so much customization with The Photo Bus ATL, like props, backdrops and even allowing pets. i'm sure you see so many different events; what has been your favorite?

that's the best part of the bus! we love customizing for different events. we both agree though, that weddings are the best kind of event because everyone there is happy and in love and so excited for The Photo Bus ATL. whether it's an older generation who finds it nostalgic or our generation who just finds it eclectic and trendy, it brings a smile to everyone. we also love taking our family photos in it - even with our two dogs! 

6. what are 3 things you each cannot leave home without?


  • cell phone
  • at least one essential oil
  • coffee


  • wallet
  • The Photo Bus ATL business cards
  • a pair of sneakers

and neither of us can leave the house without giving the dogs a treat. 

7. we're so excited you're here in Atlanta. i'm sure you're incredibly busy, but have you had a chance to sightsee in the city? what has been your favorite thing you have seen or done?

we've gotten to explore a lot of the city, but we know there is still a ton that we haven't gotten to see yet. one of our favorite things to do on a Sunday is to drive around the city's different neighborhoods in the bus with our dogs! we'll grab brunch and a coffee somewhere and just cruise (in the slow lane of course). our favorite thing was probably the Wanderlust Festival in O4W because it was right in the heart of the city with so much to do around it. we both love trying new restaurants and drinks, going to concerts, and introducing The Photo Bus to Atlanta while we get to be introduced too! 

8. if we were to play i-spy in the city, where will we find you next?

you would probably find us at the farmer's market next; and anywhere that there's a crowd. where would YOU like to see us next? (note from Lexi: tell us in the comments below so they know where to go! and rumor has it, you can find them at Monday Night Brewing on Saturdays for free photos)

i hope you enjoyed learning more about Bailey and Taylor. if you're planning a wedding here in the city, you're in for a treat if you work with The Photo Bus ATL. every event needs a little wow factor and this is just the team to bring it. you can follow them on facebook and instagram to find out where they'll be next.

i would love to hear your thoughts about this spotted! feature or any other; please comment below.